Incident happened in South Africa


The Ngwelezane Gospel Crusade near Empangeni was without a doubt, one of the highlights of Ngidi’s entire ministry.

When all arrangements had been made for the gospel crusade to start, Pastor Ngidi discovered that permission had not been granted for him to hold services there. The ministers of religion in the place completely refused to grant permission for the gospel crusade to continue. Even after lengthy discussions and consultations it was abundantly clear that tent meetings would not be allowed there.

Ngidi put the whole matter before the Lord in prayer. He wanted to be obedient to the Holy Spirit. The frustration arose from the fact that South Africa was said to be a Christian country. He could preach the gospel wherever he wanted. Nothing like that had occurred before in his ministry.

But Richard Ngidi was also quite aware of the opposing forces of the devil. As he was praying about the matter he sensed that his struggle was “not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” (Eph. 6:12). This helped Richard Ngidi not to be embittered against those who refused him permission to hold a gospel crusade at Ngwelezane.

Then a divine intervention occurred. While the arguments concerning tent meetings were raging, God touched an unbelieving induna (headman) from nearby Matshane village. He asked pastor Richard Ngidi to come to his village and hold tent meetings there. This resolved the whole conflict. The people from Ngwelezane needed just to cross the Matshane River to go to the crusade.

The meetings started. As usual for his tent meetings the attendance was low at first but when people saw what was happening there, they would flock to his meetings.

In his heart Ngidi was incensed by the fight put up by the devil and he said that he wanted to believe God for a great miracle. He told the people that if somebody died in that vicinity they should bring him or her to the tent.

After the people had seen blind eyes open, deaf ears unstopped, cripples walking, cancer drying up, hunch backs flattened and people with diverse diseases healed, the thought of seeing God raising a dead person created great anticipation among the people.

Not many days after Ngidi had issued the statement, a boy of 12 years died. He was brought to the tent by his parents. While Ngidi was busy preaching the corpse of the young boy was placed next to the tent.

One of Ngidi’s co-workers came and told him about the matter. Ngidi was not terrified by what was said to him. After praying for people who wanted to be saved, Ngidi began to pray for sick people.

He then asked all the people in the tent to form a queue so that each and everyone of them would pass by the corpse and prove for themselves that the young boy was definitely dead.

After the people had done this, Ngidi asked them to move back. In front of everyone he went to where the corpse was and he prayed saying: ‘Lord, your word says that your disciples will raise people from the dead. Now I pray that you raise this boy from the dead’.

He asked for the name of the boy and when he was told, he shouted: ‘Mthandeni, rise up in the name of Jesus!’ Immediately the boy coughed a few times and the people became wild with excitement. Some people were already standing on the chairs to witness the miracle. When the boy stood up, the people shouted for joy, jumping up and down praising the name of the Lord. Many chairs got broken in the process. The Lord had caused His people to rejoice.


From the seventh chapter of the book titled What a giant of faith, written by Agrippa Khathide, Gospel Publishers, Johannesburg 1993, pages 52-54