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David Hogan is an American missionary who has worked in Mexico for the last 20 years. He told us in November 1996 that he has been in on 19 dead-raisings. He also reported in November 1996 that there have been around 220 people raised from the dead in the group of churches under Freedom Ministries. These include two teenage girls who were dead for 3 days, and covered with lime.

Recorded 94.10.19 at C.O.C. Mansfield. Victory in the face of tremendous opposition from the devil. Son dies and is ressurected. Wife is badly burned from waist up. David contracts cholera. Daughter gets very sick and almost dies. And other serious attacks of the enemy. This is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED listening for those in leadership.


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Hi! You still doing all right mates? I'm doing all right myself. Well I want to pray with you all if that's okay. And I want to thank God for the great honour to talk into a little nine year old boy. Because I was in a great revival meeting when I was a kid and a great man of God talked to me. Just maybe, we can make a difference, you reckon? Would you all please stand up? Thanks be to God. I think I'd like to rebuke the devil, what do you think? I think I'd like the wind of God to blow in here tonight, what do you think about that? I think I'd like to see more pastors that the devil has beat on punched on, smacked around hurt deceived destroyed touched healed set free by the blood of Jesus, what do you think of that? Well this is my favourite suit. I saved it for you all. I told those guys when I was getting dressed this suit will almost preach by itself.

I bind the devil. I bind witchcraft. I bind the authority of sickness and disease and infirmity. I thank God for the glory of the Holy Ghost. I thank God for the zeal of the cross. I thank God for the word of God. In the name of Jesus, I thank God for the opportunities of faith that present themselves. I thank God for the opportunities of faith that are here tonight, in the name of Jesus.

Hallelujah! It is with regret I want to tell you that tonight is my last service here. Thank you all. I feel comfortable, I feel at home, I feel happy, I feel blessed. My wife asked me if you all was taking care of me, I told her you all were taking pretty good care of me compared to her care. That's really good. She will bless you for that. And I just want to tell you that the name of Jesus will be glorified here tonight and I rebuke the devil.

God we do not divide the honour of yours, we do not take your glory. God in heaven, manifest your power in the name of Jesus. In Jesus' name. See we've had to pray. Who? What is it? All right! Some of you or gather round him, pastor would you all go over there and pray for him please. Let's pray you all. There's a serious thing happening right now, is that right? Okay. Rod? Ron. So let's pray for brother Ron right now. My daddy was a man of God, he preached for 49 or 50 years, he had a stroke, we prayed for him, God healed him.

Stroke, we adjure you by the power of God, we curse you in the name of Jesus. We ask God for the glory of the Holy Ghost. Be healed! In the name of Jesus, be healed! Come on church! Thank God for the Holy Ghost! In the name of Jesus, rise and be healed. In Jesus' name. In Jesus' name. Jesus' name. Jesus' name. Thanks be to God. Thank you God that suffering and pain is destroyed by the name of Jesus. Recovery in Jesus' name! Healing in Jesus' name! Hallelujah! Thank you Lord Jesus! Thank you Lord Jesus! Thank you Lord Jesus!

I'd like you all to be seated please. I'd like you all to just go ahead and take your bibles out. Be in anticipation. Be in a waiting, cause God's going to move in here, he's already in here, in the name of Jesus, wherever we are gathered together he will be there. It says it in the bible. It says it right in my bible. And I believe what it says. In the name of Jesus. All right? Zechariah. I must tell you that I've been here sharing with you about the glory of God that we've seen in our work what's going on, it's happening. It is happening. God is doing. He is raising the dead. The name of Jesus. My wife gave me a call today and I've got to pray for one more thing. One of my men got run over today by a bus, and it's a possibility he has a broken neck. I want to rebuke that and refute that in the name of Jesus. And I'd like for you all to agree with me in the name of Jesus. His wife and five children were in the truck with him and the only person to get hurt was him. So I'd like for you all to agree with me in the name of Jesus, for God to touch that man. His name is Darryl Penney, in Jesus' name.

Devil, the Lord rebuke you in Jesus' name! God, I ask you to touch brother Darryl, as he's right now in that hospital in Paraguay, in the name of Jesus, be healed Darryl. I speak the life of God into you Darryl, in Jesus' name! Every devil of doubt, every unbelief of Satan, we rebuke it by the power and glory of the Holy Ghost. In the name of Jesus thank you Lord. In Jesus' name! Jesus' name.

Zechariah chapter three. I want you do know something. I've been preaching for a number of years now. When I first was told about this meeting it was going to be pastors but the administration here wanted to open it up to everybody. That's fine with me. I'm going to be addressing some issues that directly will minister to people that are interested in going to walk out with God to do things for God because I personally am a warrior. I do not believe in compromise nor do I believe in giving in to devils, I believe in Jesus. And I think we ought to me that way, all of us. Every born again person has the right to wear the armour of God and be filled with the Holy Ghost and wonder of God. What you've got to realise, church is, there is no Utopia, there is no place out here in the sun where all Christians are going to gather and the rest of the world is going to keep going and we're going to all be all right. That does not exist. Maybe in the figments of your imagination it does but the rest of the world lives in poverty and sickness and disease and plagues and we've got to go out there as an army and we've got to encroach on the devil and we've got to take him on his turf and remove him in Jesus' name. But I want you to realise something, when we begin to do that, the devil also begins to rear up and he begins to fight at us. Lots of Christians believe there is no fight, the fight is over. If that's true, why do we need battle armour? If that's true, why do we need battle armaments from God? Why do we need to pull down strongholds and displace the devil if that's true? Are you understanding what I'm telling you? I'm telling you there's a war on. The devil wants to disrupt the devil wants to misguide, deceive, divide. The devil wants to do everything he can to destroy the works of God in our lives. Do you understand that? And I'm personally going to be very personal with you about my own life because I stand before you tonight in this great country of yours not because I'm a great speaker. Not because I've been to the greatest bible schools and colleges and universities of the world. I stand here because Jesus touched me by his mercy and his grace. I'm still here preaching the gospel, not because I'm better than anybody else. It's because I know how to outlast everybody else. Do you understand?

I was trained by a man, the greatest missionary I've ever heard of in the country of Mexico trained me not to try to think you're the best but to outlast everybody else in the kingdom of God. Just keep working for Jesus. Don't raise up your own kingdom, raise up God's kingdom. Do you understand that? But along the way, along the way you are going to encounter opportunities for faith that are after you. They're trying to shut you down. They're trying to blockade you. They're trying to be obstacles in the way that afflict you that tries to stop you from doing whatever the will of God is in your life. And I want you to know something. Most of us feel like because we have these difficulties these sicknesses and diseases come after us, these demon hoards are on top of us. They're messing with us in every area of our life, we believe it's because we don't have faith. I've got some news for you. It's because you do have faith. It's because you do have faith, pastor.

Now some of you in here, you are hypocritical lying demons. That's not who I'm talking to. I'm not going to allow you religious demons to take this and run with it, I'll tell you that. But for you honest, sincere Christians and you men and women of God that are out there your truly heart is after a nation and after a continent or after a city and after a people you're going to really be blessed by what I'm fixing to say to you. I'm telling you right now.

This great missionary that taught me how to be a man of God and how to act as a man of God and how to walk in integrity and how not to seek after dollar bills but seek after the blood of Jesus and the power of the cross, that man taught me some great things. One of the things that great man taught me was this: the greatest missionary he ever met in his life was a man he found on the back side of the Sahara Desert. That man worked out there for 42 years. He had seven converts in 42 years. That is what God's looking for. Not some slip-shod bunch of flakes jumping here and there looking for the best suits and the best cars and the best crowds. Somebody that's looking for Jesus!

The bible says in Zechariah chapter three verse one. I want you to get this! We're going to look at these phrases just for a minute. We have here Joshua the high priest of God. He's a very important man. In his day, he was the man. Do you understand that? In his day he was the man. The bible says here: "and he showed me Joshua the high priest standing before the angel of God ." And then there's a comma I want you to know every one of yours bibles probably doesn't have a comma in it. It doesn't matter what version it is, the next phrase is in there in some form or the other. Most of us want to ignore that phrase. We don't want to see that phrase. We don't want that phrase in our bible. The bible says it just like this: it says, and Satan standing at his right hand to resist him.

You've got to realise something, pastors. When you decide to do something for God, the hosts of heaven are for you, the armour of God, the blood of Jesus, the word of God, the angelic hosts, you have the glory of God at your disposal. But you also have a mad man against you. His name is the devil. And you are going to have to realise that resistance is part of the Christian walk. Resistance is part of the Christian walk. The mighty man of God was standing there in the very presence of God almighty. And standing right beside him was the devil. Most of us don't want to hear that. We think we're above that. Well you're not!

If you don't realise just how powerful you are in God and if you don't understand that you have an adversary the devil as a roaring lion running around looking for whom he may devour, you will be destroyed! No man is above it! No man is above deception! We have to constantly, daily, call on the name of Jesus. There are fears that grip us every day. There are attitudes and character flaws that begin to infringe on us and our move and walk with God. They're from the devil. They're from the devil. It's the devil's attitude, it's the devil's job to destroy us. The bible says it.

But if you know anything about physical fitness, if you know anything about it at all, I'm a fanatic about physical fitness. I work out almost every day of my life. I enjoy it. The only way I can get these old muscles to respond to greater work is to work them. Put resistance on them and tomorrow, maybe not tomorrow, but the next day, maybe not then, but after a while that 300 lb. more that 120 kilos will be moved, you just wait and see! If you want to win, you just keep pushing on it. In a minute, your abilities and your power and your godliness will build up and you will have the ability to move it. You can't be discouraged. That's another character of the devil you're not allowed.

The bible says: verse two . The Lord said to the devil: the Lord rebuke you Satan, even the Lord who has chosen Jerusalem rebuke you. I want you to know something right now if you can stand there long enough with God, it don't make any difference how heavy for how bad the resistance if you'll hang on to God, he will rebuke the devil, the devil will move. Church, we've got to learn how to fight for God and with God. God don't think in clocks and minutes and hours. God thinks in seasons. We've got to learn to think like God does. Not like normal human people think.

See cause I told you all when I first got here about my little boy. I've got a little old boy I adopted out of the garbage dumps of Guatemala. My wife got her hands on that little bitty baby that was in them garbage dumps and it was over for me, I had a new son. But that's okay. I don't mind. The only problem was: the federal government of Guatemala said there won't be anybody adopting babies from the United States of America any more. And it was a law. Oh that aint fun! Cause I've got God here and my wife here and that little baby, and then I've got a federal government over here saying no. So what do you do? You go ahead anyway. You start the adoption process. And when it starts to get into higher levels, they say no, it's a law, we cant do it. But what you do is you don't ignore them or act like they don't exist, what you do is you go to Jesus and you say:

look here! I realise the devil's standing here, but would you do me a big favour, big brother? Would you rebuke this devil in the name of Jesus? I need a way into the top so they can understand that I am not one of these people that takes babies to the United States, cuts their throats and cuts them open and takes their hearts and lungs and stuff out and sells them to millionaires. That's not who I am. I just simply want to take this baby out of this garbage dump and give him a chance at life. God said all right. So the lawyers started working and it went right straight on up to right under the president. They had to give any a special writ, an excuse, and they gave it to me, and we got the baby. Isn't that nice? But that's not the problem. The problem is that I want you all to understand this. Let's turn over to Job while you're doing this.

Here we go to Job, oh my goodness. Job chapter two. It's very important that you turn over there with me and I want to tell you right up front, that do not by any means in the things I'm fixing to say to you, I do not categorise myself in the calibre of man that Job is nor that Paul is. But we're going to look at those two men just a little bit tonight. I'm not telling you that I'm the same calibre as these guys, I'm just determine you get there's a man in the Old Testament and in the new that were men of God filled with integrity filled with zeal filled with faithfulness to God and they went through hell and high water but they kept their integrity. They didn't let trivial things like death and dishonour bother them.

Job chapter two. The bible says it like this: verse two. The Lord said to the devil "where are you coming from boy?" The devil said to the Lord, "I've been running round all over the earth looking up and down in it. Verse three. The Lord said to the devil, well have you thought about Job? Now then. The devil didn't bring that up. God did. And I want you to understand a whole lot here. I didn't come here to give you all theology classes. You've got a man right down here that can do that. I didn't come here to do that. I didn't come here to debate theology with you. I came to read right out of here, and that's all we're going to talk about. All right? I know there are several viewpoints on this man's life. I understand that. That's not what I'm here to debate. I'm here to just simply look at this and let's think about it a minute.

Just put yourself in Job's place, just for a minute. And just let this conversation, just say you were in the room with God and the devil, and your name was Job, do you reckon that would get your attention? See the bible says it like this. God told the devil "have you considered my servant Job?" Listen to this. This is God's opinion of Job. I've heard men's opinion of him I've heard the great faith preachers and the people against the faith teachers, I've heard all of these guys opinion of Job but I want to show you what God's opinion of Job was. The bible says "he's a perfect man" that's what the bible, that's what God said. He's a good man an upright man, one that fears God. He avoids evil. He stays away from evil. It doesn't make any difference who he offends, if something's going to be evil, he don't want nothing to do with it stays away from it, church are you listening to me? You modern church, I rebuke you.

If it's got to do with sin and deception, that's where you end up, that's where you can find Christians. That's not God. You've got to avoid evil, stay away from it. You think you're above it, you're not! Jesus is! You're human still! I don't see anyone in here in glorified form. It takes faith to stay above it. Faith stays away from evil. The bible says, he's an upright man one that fears the Lord, he eschews evil, and look at this, and skill he holdeth fast his integrity. That's something that's lacking in the ministry. That's something that's lacking in the body of Christ. Fear and doubt have taken their toll on the body of Christ, but integrity is slipping away. I rebuke the devil. I'm here tonight to rebuke the devil. Hallelujah! In the name of Jesus! I'm coming gunning for him, cause the reason I feel like I'm coming gunning for him is cause I'm happy. I feel happy. So that means the devil's here. Cause when I get happy that's cause there's a devil around close. And I want him. I want him by the jugular vein, that's what I want. I want to put my hand right on his throat. I like to do that. It's fun to me. So I'm happy about it.

So go ahead and be healed. Go ahead and let God touch you. Where you're sitting, it's all right. It's all right with God. Cause see, God's got an opinion of you. He had one of Job. Now, it was very important cause you see in verse four it says the devil answered the Lord and he said "skin for skin yea all that a man has he'll give for his life." Verse five. Put forth your hand and touch his bone and his flesh and he'll curse you to your face and die. And the Lord said to him, listen to what God said to the devil. Are you all listening to me?

God said to the devil, he's in your hand. Now Job is a millionaire. Job is a very famous powerful man. Are you all hearing me? He's got thousands of head of cattle and asses and servants. He's got thousands of acres of land, lots of land. He's a prince. And God told the devil, "do whatever you want with him, but don't take his life." Are you all hearing me?

See back there a few years ago, it was actually just two years ago, well two years and three months I told you all, my little boy by got from Guatemala. We were sitting down at the beach. I had an off day. We were eating a shrimp cocktail. I think you all call them prawns, is that right? And ah, we was eating that thing. Well all of a sudden my little boy's eyes glaze over, he goes to shaking like this, went into a fit, and he died right there in my wife's arms. I had no way of knowing church, that I was heading off into a battle with the devil like my brother Job went into. I did not know it! But nevertheless it came. The devil came. The war came. Now it's my turn to see if I can hold my integrity. Now it's my turn to see if I can walk perfect before God. Now it's my turn to see if I can avoid evil. Cause those thoughts start coming.

My little baby boy is laying dead in my wife's arms. So what do you do now? You cry. I mean, he had the nerve to die right in front of my other kids too. I didn't like it because my other kids had to sit there and watch my little boy die. It was a sad feeling. I reached to get him. I'm praying. I'm calling out to God, have mercy God! I'm holding him up. Nothing, he's still dead. He's just limp. His arms and legs. And saliva is starting to drip out of here and mucous out of his nose and he's starting to lose his coloration, his dark complexion because he's a ladino, or he's of dark complexion fellow almost black and his coloration is gone, starting to leave him. Oh my God, I told Ms. Hogan, I said: "Ms. Hogan, I've seen lots of death. This boy's gone! Come with me. "And I gathered her up. She was weeping. I put the baby back in her arms, and I'm carrying her and the baby. My other kids are with me.

Some of the other missionaries I work with, we go into our room over there, and I turned on the cold shower I throw her and the baby in the shower, hoping, hoping that maybe a shock, maybe if he was just in a coma or something like that, he'd come back, but he didn't come back. Now what I'm fixing to tell you all his very serious. It was rough. Go over here to second Corinthians, please. I feel like before I leave this country, I'm going to have to tell you this. Because a lot of you have been to nearly all the services, you have seen a lot of get healed, you have seen a lot of people get saved, you've seen lots and lots of people filled with the Holy Ghost and that's what we're here for. That's the reason for existence as far as I'm concerned. The only reason I'm able to do that is not because of any good I am. It's because of the good God is.

Because in my own strength, I'm a fairly strong minded fellow I have a strong will and a physically fit body, and I can go further than almost every man, but there's a limit to everybody. The resistance of the devil can grow and grow and grow and he can find the end of every man woman and child in the kingdom of God. Your ability has to rely on Jesus. Not in what you know or who you know, but Jesus. Jesus, that mighty Holy Ghost. In the name of Jesus. Mighty Holy Ghost in the name of Jesus. We were holding that boy. My wife was holding him a while praying, I was holding him a while praying. One hour goes by, two hours go by, three hours go by, four hours go by.

And he came back to life. Thank you Jesus! After four hours that little boy came back to life. When he came back to life, he couldn't see, and he couldn't hear. And there was a smell about him. I don't know if I've ever smelled anything like it. I used to live where they dug sulphur out of the state of Louisiana and it smelled similar to that. I tell you, it was the devil himself! The devil had come to try to take my boy. But because of Jesus he couldn't.

Fear had gripped us, doubt, unbelief, all the normal tragedies that are around that kind of stuff, and emotions, they gripped us. And we prayed, and we prayed and we asked God, and after a while, I was up, I was calling out to God, thank you for bringing him back but God, he needs to hear, he needs to see, we need to get rid of this demon that's bothering him. And it wasn't very long, it wasn't very long, it wasn't but another hour or so, that's not very long when you're dealing with somebody's life and death. And all of a sudden, he looks over at me, his little black eyes, they found me! He started to see. And he goes "papa, papa". And I went and got him. And I was holding him.

Thank you! And I went " Thank you!" Thank ya! And I was dancing all over the room. I was dancing all over the room, cause he could hear me, he was responding to me, he was back and he was safe. Yeah! Yeah! What a God! All right! But I want you to know that you're not be only person in the world, you look around, and it seems like everyone's doing better than you are. You look around and it seems like other people are more spiritual than you are. Their works are doing better then yours is. Why? And oh no, it makes you nervous, then you get jealous, then you get over that, oh no, then you get to be pushing and strife, no, can't do that, then you get contentious, no I can't do that, you really want your work to grow but it just won't. The devil's resisting you. The devil's messing with you. You've got to let him off of you. And you do that by following after Jesus with integrity. You keep a perfect spirit.

You all remember the other day we were talking about Daniel. You've got to keep that innocence about you. You can't let the devil taint your spirit. And there are some here that have a tainted spirit. And we're going to ask God tonight for that stuff to be fixed. In the name of Jesus! In the name of Jesus hallelujah! Hallelujah! In the name of Jesus. Is that all right with you all? Second Corinthians chapter eleven. Where did I tell you all to go? Is that the same place? See we get all these things worked out in our minds how we think it ought to be. If you were to ask me anytime before my little boy died and the ensuing events any time before that if that were to happen in my life I would rebuke you as a devil. I'd have told you it will never happen in my life, or in my house. But I've got some news for you. I looked for sin. I began to thank that I was in sin. I thought there might be some kind of sin of omission or something or other going on that I didn't know about. I couldn't find it. I'm not by any means a perfect human being, I'd never tell you that. But I'll tell you what I am. I am following Jesus and I'm not following the devil.

And when these events began to happen, oh my God, and God began to remind me of certain things. And one of them was - Job, he lost all of his kids, he lost all of his animals, he lost all of his wealth, he got sickness racked his body and he found himself sitting in a dung heap scratching himself with a bunch of old broken pottery and everybody in the world abandoned him including his wife. Now that's pretty low down there, buddy! The dogs were licking him. That's getting down pretty far at the bottom of the barrel. That's what that is! There's another man went through some of this. His name's Paul. Look at verse thirteen . False Prophets, false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. That's no marvel. Yet I wonder, I was talking today with these young men at the house, I was telling them a story about, I aren't going to tell you all this, it will make some of you mad at me, but it was a devil. And so, we was sitting there and we was talking about, you know, how can men deceive you so readily? How is it so possible? Well, the bible says it's no marvel, cause the devil himself can transform himself.

Look right here, it says "no marvel, for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light therefore it's no great thing if his ministers also transform themselves into ministers of righteousness. Whose end shall be according to their works. You're not to fret, don't you fret, rejoice. When people come against you, come against your work come against what God is doing in your life, I'm telling you, we've got to learn how to rejoice. We've got to understand, thank you God. We're just flexing another muscle learning to get it stronger. Just working another part of the body of Christ. Hallelujah! That's what we're doing. The resistance is absolutely necessary for the growth of the kingdom of God. But you've got to understand one thing. When you loose that Holy Ghost to take care of you like that, these people will be taken care of by God Almighty.

The bible says right here, look at verse sixteen. I say again let no man think us to be a fool, otherwise receive me as one, that I may boast a little bit of myself. That which I speak I speak it not after the law but as if it were foolishness in this confidence of boasting seeing that many glory after the flesh, I also glory. You suffer fools gladly. The most amazing thing, some how or another, we just can't see where God is, church! We follow fads. Instead of the Holy Ghost. I broke out of that and I'm not going to do that no more. I've decided pastor, I'm not following any fads no more, I'm following Jesus! Cost me whatever it has to, I'm following Jesus. And I mean it. People ask me all the time, why can you say those statements that come out of your mouth? Real simple, it's the truth, I have to say them. It says right here in verse 20 for you suffer if our man bring you into bondage, if the man devour you, if the man take of you, if the man exalt you, if a man smite you on the face, I speak concerning reproach as though we had been weak howbeit when so ever any is bold, I speak to him, I am bold also.

Look at verse 22. He starts giving his credentials. Boy went to the best school. Spoke all these languages. Man went all over the world. Man could speak all these languages. One of the most educated man of the day, if that's true, if education, how could, if that's all you need and I'm not kept all against this college, I'm for it as a matter of fact, but if education is all you need, it's going to make you a man of God, then why did Paul go through all this stuff in the next verses? It takes experience in the Holy Ghost. It takes time in the field, it takes learning about God, it takes holding on to your integrity. It takes walking in perfection with God. It takes don't let anything take you away from the fire and the zeal of the Holy Ghost that God's put into you. You can't let it happen. And I'll tell you what, when that little old boy died in my wife's arms, I can't tell you all how that staggered me. Cause I was in a full run when I got hit with that. We were doing 7 to 12 church services a day. We were getting between 150 and 550, 600 new converts a month, just what the workers and myself were doing, not counting what all the national pastors were getting in, just what we were doing at the services we were at. And I was at a full run.

We were getting the dead raised, we were getting blinded eyes, tuberculosis healed, lame people walking. Oh man, and all of a sudden, my little boy died right in my wife's arms, I tell you it was like hitting me in a full run. Stopped me right in my tracks. I got up, shook myself, told my wife "how is that possible?" I went to every one of my kids and asked them if they was in sin. Asked my wife "are you in sin?" Everybody promised me because I was pretty irate about it. Everybody promised me that they weren't in sin. I said "all right then. We have to understand then that it was an adjustment of the devil. It was an attack of the devil. No problem."

Right after that, I mean you listen to this, let me just read you this verse and then I'm going to tell you this. Is that all right? What I'm fixing to tell you is going to be amazing and how we made it through it I have no idea outside of the grace and mercy of God. The bible says in verse 23, are you ministers of Christ? I speak as a fool. I am more. In labours more abundantly. I'm going to tell you right now, I work more than most people do for Jesus. In stripes, I've been beat I don't know how many times. Several dozen times I've been beat for Jesus. Oh, wow, wow, man I bear the marks in my body. What do you bear? The new VCR? A new car to worship? A new suit to adore, to make you look pretty? Very good questions I think church. Before I leave this country, I just had to tell you that. Now, if you notice, I waited to the very end can tell you all this stuff. I'm not afraid. I was spoken this word several days ago. I spoke that to brother Alan that I had a word of the Lord and I think this is from God. Now, we're going to do it okay?

It says right here, in prisons often, in strifes above measure, in deaths often. If you all have heard in these services where I've been, you're hearing what we do for a living in the country I work in. The man's life right here that we're going through is want I've been telling you all since I've been here that we do for a living. And it's wonderful to live the bible again. It's great to walk in the Holy Ghost like Jesus did. I am not at all afraid of you one bit, I fear God because of the things that happened to me and you'll understand why in a minute. And it says right here, three times I was beaten with rods, once I was stoned.

I don't know how many times I've been stoned. There's this one church I used to go to we got stoned every time I went there. I hated going there, I hated it. We used to call it the rock concert church. Cause every time I went there we got rocks. Pow! Pow! Pow! And they don't throw little bitty rocks. They're big rocks. I was in that church one night and there was a little baby about the size of this young boy that's up here playing, and this little girl was standing there just in awe at me. And I was preaching the gospel. I was jumping around. And she was just following me around. All of a sudden the rocks started coming. And one of them popped her right in the face. And blood started spewing all over the place. She started screaming, the pain was immense. I grabbed her up. I started walking with her. Blood's spewing all over me. I just kept on preaching. She's screaming, I'm preaching, blood's flowing. That's the gospel, church! Do you hear me? If you're preaching the gospel there will be blood flowing out of humans. But if you're compromising, there won't be any blood flowing. God's church is a persecuted church. Persecution makes you radical, it don't make you afraid. It makes you defy the devil, in the name of Jesus.

If you're suffering for the name of Jesus you should rejoice you should be the most happy person on planet earth. Now if your suffering because of your own stupidity that's a different story. I just kept preaching the bible and that little girl's blood was running all over my shirt and down my body and I just kept on praying and asking God to heal her and kept on preaching the word of God, in a minute the blood stopped flowing, in a minute the pain ceased, in a minute I gave her back to her mother who had gone and got a bucket of water. They bathed her right in front of us, put a new little dress back on her, another little dress back on her and she just stood right there and watched me all the way through the sermon just like nothing had happened. This stuff is real when it says guy was stoned, I was shipwrecked, you've got to think about what the main went through. During all these tragedies there were great opportunities to stop. There were great opportunities to say hey this is too much for me, hey I'm going to quit, hey I didn't know the price was this big. I don't want to pay it. But you can't quit. People are counting on you. It says, a night and a day I have spent in the deep. In journeyings often and perils of water and perils of robbers in perils of my own countrymen. Did you know I know that most of you people in here never even knew this chapter was in the bible.

Cause most of you say "well I've got faith. That will never happen to me." Well let me see you write more than fourteen books of the bible and have God put it in his holy word. If you're so holy, get with the program here! I challenge you! And I do have the right to challenge you. I don't have a chip on my shoulder against you all, I've got a chip on my shoulder against the devil. The bible says here in verse 27, in weariness and painfulness and watchings often in hunger and thirsting and fastings often, in cold and nakedness. Besides all those things, golly, the care for the churches. I mean these are just trivial things that begin to happen to his body and then you go in the inward man where he's caring and loving for all these people. All these churches God's allowed him to go all over the world and start. And all the care! And he wants them to be healed he wants them to be stable, he wants them to be filled with power and glory, integrity and faithfulness and persistence and diligence. That's care for the churches!

Most of you Christians don't even have an idea what that is. You have a hard enough time caring for your own self, much less nations of people. You need to grow up in the Lord, church. You need to start walking in maturity, church. Because the resistance is going to be there, and you've got to put up with that. You've got to walk with Jesus regardless of what the resistance is. The bible says, "besides all those things that are without, that which comes on me daily, the care of the churches. Who is weak and I am not weak, who is offended and I burn not?" The man was just like I am. When somebody I know gets offended or hurt, my wife told me today about a person that got offended and hurt, I mean, I began to burn inside. I wish I was there. Oh I'd get with them you know. I really do. It offends me. When people get misused and hurt and abused. And church, that's just to way it is. You're going to have to not live with it. You're going to have to overcome it. Do you understand? Paul said he was an over- comer. He said in Romans chapter 8 that if God's for you, who in the wide world can be against you? It doesn't make any difference who they are. It doesn't make any difference what their names are. It doesn't make any difference what the infirmities and powers, it doesn't matter what their names are. It matters who Jesus is in you. It matters who Jesus is in you. Now I want to share a couple of things with you that are very important to me, cause I tell you, this series of events your jaws are going to open and drop and drop further, prime telling you before this is over you are going to say "my God, there's a God in heaven." If he can help that man, cause you all have seen that the glory of God is definitely in our midst.

But now, how did you maintain that when the resistance is against you? See that's what most Christians do not know. When my little boy died, there was a space of a couple of weeks, and all of a sudden I began to feel ill. I had never contracted a disease from one of these tropical countries in eighteen years or seventeen years at the time. I had never got sick. I've been in and out of fifteen or twenty countries and eat, drink everything they've got! Never sick! Always healthy! Always a bull! Always against the devil! Come out with it, devil! You ain't got a demon in hell big enough to stop the will of God in me. With vision and zeal of God we can overcome anything the devil's got. There's not a power on earth that can stop the call of God in me if I can submit to it. Do you understand that?

But there's this little devil called cholera. Came knocking on my house door. I didn't know I had the cholera. All I know is, the plague had hit our country and I had been praying for at least ten to twelve, sometimes fifteen to 20 people with cholera every service, every time I'd go out, every village I went house after house after house laying hands on these people dying with the cholera. All of a sudden I began to feel weak. But I kept the pace. I kept the pace. I wouldn't let nothing slow me down. Doesn't make any difference what the name is, but my body's beginning to react. I'm starting to lose weight. All of a sudden I'm starting to vomit, bile starts coming, but I can't help it, my schedule, I've got to stay at the churches. I've got to stay out there and preach the gospel. The devil's working on me.

Finally I blacked out at the wheel. Pow! But thank God for the Holy Ghost cause the truck went into the mountain and not off the cliff. After a while, I woke up. Didn't know where I was at. I was dizzy, I was bewildered, I didn't know what was going on. So little by little I got my truck worked out, turned around and I went back down the mountain to where my wife was. And the next eleven days of my life were filled with the devil's glory. I began to bleed. My stool, my urine was filled with blood continually. Every time I went to the bathroom, every time, just blood! Blood began running out of my mouth. Blood began running out of my nose. Blood began running out of my ears, out of my eyes. Just blood everywhere all over, every morning. I couldn't sleep, blood was just pouring out of my body. It went that way for nine days. I couldn't walk anymore. I could only crawl on my elbows to the bathroom to throw up and every time I threw up, it would be big, big clumps of blood. I had no idea what it was. And I'm laying there, and my wife and kids are all fasting and they're asking God for mercy and grace, cause they had never seen me down that low in my life. I lost all kinds of weight.

Lots of weight fell off of me. But one morning, my wife had been up, thank God for a good wife. Hallelujah! I tell you, I feel this. I don't know what you feel, but I feel this. You all are going to be blessed. You might as well let God touch you, I'm telling you. I'm telling you to receive from the Holy Ghost, church. I'm lying there, bleeding, and all of a sudden, all of a sudden, for the first time in eleven days, I had been on my back in the bed that my wife had put. She would put double towels under me, and she was washing those things continually keeping the blood out of them. That's how much I was losing, it was a bunch. Then all of sudden, there was, just right out of the blue, everything so bad, all of a sudden I felt hungry. Blood was still there but I felt hungry. I reach over on this intercom and I told my wife, I told her, I said, "Ms. Hogan," I said, "hurry". She came up those stairs. She said, "what is it?" I said, "I feel hungry." She said, "what do you want?" "I don't know. Fix me everything I like." She went down stairs. She came back in a minute. She had this little platter. Oh and there was blood, but I was hungry. I started eating stuff I liked. Oh, man, it was good to me. Oh, blood was running, good, blood was running, good, oh, ahh! And I kept it down. And by the afternoon, that was in the morning, by the afternoon I was back up, no more blood, no more disease, healed by the blood of Jesus! Hallelujah! Jesus! Jesus.

Next thing that happened, I wasn't quite recovered all the way with my full strength back but I had this big meeting down in South Mexico, so I told my wife, "I've got to go. I can drive all the way by myself but you'll have to help me." "No problem. "So we took off. I got down there, and when I got in South Mexico, there was a trap laid. I don't know if you've ever walked into traps before but boy, when the devil lays one cause I'm a smart man. But it has to be a good one to get me. But I want you to know, I am a man, whenever you trap me, I don't get mad at you, I appreciate you, but you won't get me again. I appreciate traps myself. It's a very good learning experience. But next time, you'll have to be a little bit more slick to get me. And I went walking into a hornet's nest down there. The men that I'd been working with for over ten years apiece walked right up to me. They said "something's wrong with you! First of all, your little boy dies, your finances start to get messed with, and now you got the cholera, you're in sin! We're out of here! Two of my main men quit on me. Devastated me! I'm emotionally getting beat up. Are you all listening?

I mean, the devil's hooking on me, he's beating on my emotions, he's beating on my physical body, he's beating on my family, oh, my God, what do you do? You stand! You trust Jesus! You allow the mighty Holy Ghost to be big in you in your darkest hour. That's when you need him the most. That's not when you're going to turn your back on him, cause it wasn't my darkest hour, I just thought it was. Cause by the time those men left me and everything, oh my God, Jesus, oh my God, what's going on? The ministry's falling apart around me, my body's falling apart around me, my family's falling apart around me, what's next? Shouldn't have asked.

I got back into my work in northern, central Mexico and I came to find out, one of my main leaders gives me a call. He said "man, I've got some bad news. He said," a man you trust greatly is in sin. "I said, "who is he? Let's get him!" And he told me. I said," you're a liar! "It was my number one man in Mexico. He and I had worked together for seventeen years, heads up, I mean head to head. Anything that he and I prayed for got healed. Come to find out he was in adultery and he was embezzling money from our ministry. That took me and floored me, I tried to get back up cause I already had two men walk out on me, already had the cholera and almost died, already lost my boy. Now God is healing us of all these things but I'm telling you it's one pop right after another pop. Pow! And it's, I mean, in sequence. It's not over six months or a year these things are happening, this is happening every two weeks. Something's happening big! I don't have the time to tell you everything but I'm going to tell you some of these big things. I just couldn't believe it. So I had to go. I went right to him right now. And I said, "hey you've got to tell me. The you in adultery? He just hung his head and wouldn't answer me. I fell down on the ground. No God! I was begging God no, but it was too late. I can't stand for another man. I'm sorry. So I had to get up. I had to get myself up. Cause I still wasn't recovered from the cholera yet and I wasn't over those two men walking out on me, calling me a devil. Now I've lost my main man in ministry in Mexico. God, what's going on God? What's going on God is this. Resistance I challenge it! I rebuke it! I stand strong in the name of Jesus! That's what's going on.

So I went off to Mexico city, I thought there was a breakthrough. I said surely at the turn of the year this is going to come to an end. It didn't come to an end, church. On the fourteenth of January, my little boy's birthday. He turned four years old. I get a call. I was off in a governmental meeting with federal lawyers in Mexico City getting our ministry protested, getting everything done legally and everything and I get a phone call back at the hospital, I mean, at the hotel. I went over there and there was a thing " Emergency at home. Call your wife." Oh my God no, please God! But I'm gun shy by now I grabbed that phone. I called down there. "Daddy!" This was my oldest daughter Crystal. "Daddy, you need to come home right now. Mother has been burned alive! No! No! She's the servant of God. She's innocent in this fight. All she does is wash my feet. Please no, God. No! Oh, I can't tell you want that feels like. Oh boy! I can still feel the pain of it. It's terrible! I'm telling you, it's a devil. Oh Jesus help us! I took off. We got there.

As soon as I got there I walked in the house to find my wife from the waist up burned alive, hairs burned off of her head eyelashes, eyebrows, burned off, fingernails are burned off, scabs on her, on her whole body. Burned up! Pain! Suffering! Resistance. The only thing of value besides my God is my wife. That's all I possess in life that mean anything to me and after that comes my kids and other things. But the most valuable piece of equipment I've got besides the Holy Ghost is Ms. Hogan. And She's lying on that thing dying. Burned to the core! I fell down on the four and just began to sob and weep. My Indian pastors, my head leadership followed me right in. They all fell down with me. Because this lady had served us all, graciously, not a word, never complaining, never murmuring, always glad to serve the man of God. I've got men here that can witness that. And we're all weeping. We laid hands on her. We asked God to heal her. In the name of Jesus, please God, heal Ms. Hogan.

It didn't come right now. I had to become mama, school teacher, principal, house cleaner, maid, had to cook all the meals, plus I had to run a ministry that's got over 300 churches. That's pretty hard to do. Wears on your physical condition just a little bit. It wears on your mind the little bit. It grips, and tears, and rips at your heart. But church, we've got to learn how to meet this resistance with faith in God in the name of Jesus. Day eleven finally came. I was her doctor. I changed her bandages two times a day. I soaked her. I did everything that you're supposed to do. I did it right. But we weren't getting any results. Day eleven came. Thank God for eleventh day. The scabs fell off of my wife's face. The scabs fell off of her arms and she had brand new skin under there. She was healed. Thank you Jesus!

I'd like for you to go back with me to Job. Cause it's fixing to get interesting. You all think, surely it's over. But no it's not over. Devil don't know what over is. Devil knows over when you kill him. That's when it's over. If you don't attack him and tear his head off he's going to take yours off. The minute you think you've got everything going your way is the minute he's going to kill you. I've got news for you. We've got to trust Jesus every day of our lives. The walk of faith is an every day walk. Do you understand me, church? Do you understand, church? Does anybody have an amplified bible? I forgot to ask you all does anybody have one? Anybody? Yeah! Come up here. Can I use that a minute? Thank you. That's good, you've already got it opened up, that's great. All right! Except it's the wrong chapter. But that's all right. Job chapter 42. I want to tell you cause just a few days, now listen to this. I thought, I thought surely, you know, I've lost my friends, finances are falling off, I've lost my wife to a big hit, I'd lost my son, I said, "surely, surely this is the end of the thing." And I was rejoicing and I was praying, and I was seeking God, I never would quit.

I've never would quit fasting. I've never would quit praying, cause that's the only way through this thing. These mazes of horror that the devil leads you down, the only way out is through the Holy Ghost. The only way to keep the Holy Ghost through all of this deception and resistance is through prayer and fasting and meditating on the Scriptures of God almighty. That's the only way out. You see. They invited me up to this conference in the North Eastern part of our country. They flew my wife and I up. Boy, I was on cloud nine. My baby's healed. My baby girl, she's with me, my wife is healed, hallelujah. Boy I preached the conference. There'll never be another one like that. It was wonderful. Jesus did all sorts of great things. Man, I was jumping and shouting and kicking and bucking and snorting. It was fun. But look here. It was a great time.

God had blessed us financially, and I was fairly pleased with what God was doing, but I got on the airplane, I'm sitting on the runway. We're at the end of the tarmac fixing to take off and the devil spoke to me and said, "I'm going to kill your daughter Crystal." The reason I know it was the devil is that God isn't going to kill my daughter. The bible says the devil comes to kill, steal and destroy. The bible says I came that you might have life and have it more abundantly. So it's the devil talking to me. Very easy to discern that, wouldn't you say? And we're sitting there, and I mean the Holy Ghost was there and we began to pray and ask God for the name of Jesus. My wife and I. I bind the devil! I curse the devil in Jesus' name! Well, soon as I've got home, I came to find out my little daughter, my ten year old, had come down with this red devil, what do you call them things? Scarlet fever. Do you all know what scarlet fever is here? It's a devil! It's the devil that tried to kill my baby girl. It's a devil!

So, here we are, she went so low and lost so much weight, day after day after day, and her face turned, per whole body turned bright red, all the skin on her body peeled off. She lost her hair. It was amazing. But we just kept praying. 1234567 days go by. Eight, nine, ten, eleven days go by. The twelfth morning, my baby girl comes walking into my office where I'm praying in tongues and asking God for her life and she said, "papa, I'm healed." Hallelujah! She was healed! You know, and I don't know if you're hearing this stuff. I don't know if you're hearing what I'm telling you, but this is one thing right after another one another one another one and I'm glad she's healed and I'm glad she's healed but I'm standing there in a stance, cause I know there's another one coming. I'm convinced now, there's a war. And I've got to fight. I'm convinced now there's a little resistance out mayor and it's trying to stop me because God's interested in us going on in higher planes with him. And if you want to do that I don't care if you're an individual person, I don't care if you're a family unit, I don't care if you're a body, I don't care if you're an organisation, if your intent on going on with God, you're going to meet resistance and you've got to whip it in the name of Jesus. In the name of Jesus. In the name of Jesus!

And so I'm sitting there, you know, holding her, and I'm looking around, I'm serious. I was really edgy. It's not good for me to get edgy, I'm wired enough as it is. And I was thanking God and holding her and blessing God, and crying and everything, and she went on, she was healed. Two days go by. My little boy walks in. Louis again. Little bitty rat comes walking in there. "Papa, papa by throat's hurting." Oh God, no! I grabbed him. Please God no. Oh God. I started walking round the house. No, no, no, by rebuke the devil. I bind the devil, I curse the devil, I tear down principalities and powers. Oh God, help me God. Didn't help a thing. That little boy's glands swelled up bigger than his head. His body turned red all over with scarlet fever and you know what happened to that little boy? Lost all the skin off his body. One day, two days, three days, four days, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten days go by. The eleventh morning comes. He comes walking in to my office. Little bitty guy throws up his hands and says "papa, papa, papa I'm healed. I'm telling you, church, you can say about me what you want to but the devil's a liar. I rebuke him and resist him by the name and blood of the Lord Jesus.

Job 42. I'm going to read part of this out of the King James, what have I got here? Amplified, yeah, that's what I've got. Thank you for letting me use your bible. It does read the same as mine does. So you're without excuse now. A couple of days went by. My little boy's healed and I'm happy. It was my daughter, Crystal, it's her turn. This is the one the devil said he is going to kill. My beautiful sixteen year old daughter. It's her birthday. I had scheduled to take off her birthday. Cause with girls, it's very important this sixteenth birthday you know. So I took it off with her. We had this big shin-dig. I was so happy, I was so blessed to be there with her, to be with my family to have a day off with them. It was a lot of fun. But when we sat down to supper that night to eat this big feast my wife had prepared for my daughter's birthday she looks over at me, she said "daddy, my throat's sore. Oh, no. I just put my head down on the table.

See most of you all in here, you all are judging me cause I say these things, but I'm a very realist person. When things are happening negative around me, I don't act like they're not happening. They're happening. And people's lives are in danger. And you'd better act like it's real. You all call no sight, faith. That isn't what I call faith. Just cause you act like it's not there, you say you're having faith. That's ridiculous. You think that suffering Jesus bid on that cross was not real? You think he didn't have enough faith? I don't know where some of your heads are sometimes. But it isn't in God I'll tell you that. I got up, I walked over to my baby girl and she was sitting in a chair and I was holding her, the family gathered around, we prayed and asked God to heal her. God, please have mercy! By daylight, she couldn't get out of bed. Then we started a 61 day battle on the 28 of February . It went right straight on through March, straight on through April. Brother Steve came down. He can tell you how it was.

You all, I went through some of the roughest times of my life with that girl. During the 21 day battle that started the thing, this thing was in three stages by the way. A fairly long, drawn out fight. I'm not going to tell you all the story but I want you to get as much of it, to where you understand how it feels to watch your baby go to nothing. My girl is beautiful and she's very-physically she's a sportsman, she likes to do sports and she's very active and she's filled with joy and bubbly and loves Jesus and to see her lying on that bed dying it rips me apart to see that. I left cause every time I leave, use to, and go out to church, and be gone for three or four days and come home, doing the will of God, I'd come in and they'd always be healed. It didn't matter what disease I left them with, they were always healed. But this time, look here, this time I walked into an Indian hut. There were two ladies dying with cholera. I got down on my hands and knees, I prayed for the first one, got that blood all over me, jumped over to the second one, prayed for her, went to church, and after a while both of them came in healed.

So I drove home. And I was excited, cause I had seen God in the middle of this dilemma with my daughter, I see the hand of God is still with us. And I went running home. I got out of my four wheel drive, I ran up into her room, I blew open the door, she was almost dead, I jumped on top of her in the middle of that bed, I said, "in the name of Jesus! "I never washed my hands. I said, "be healed!" It didn't work pastor. In the morning time I'm discouraged. But I'm praying, anyway and I'm asking, I'm trying to believe, I'm trying to have faith, I'm trying to generate the life of God, cause I can't loose my baby. The devil spoke to me and said he was going to kill her . God, those words can't be true. They are from the devil! Bad as it looks, it looked like he was winning, cause he was! But it doesn't matter who wins the first lap, it matters who finishes the line first. Do you understand that? It matters that you finish the race with high honours of God. And I want you to know this right now, you all I stepped out into their, I went on another three day thing.

And I got out there, and I came across this little baby that was dead. And we went in that house. I held that baby. God raised that baby from the dead, right out of my arms into the mama's, raised from the dead. Thank God, thank God. I went buzzing home. Hallelujah! If God can raise the dead, he can heal my baby. And I went running home, I tore up them stairs, I dove in that bed with that girl, "in the name of Jesus! "Nothing. Nothing. I stayed up most of the night praying and thanking God, believing God. In the morning it was the same all worse. Day 21 finally came and my wife said to me, "we've got to give this girl an injection. She's got to have some antibiotics." Cause by now, her breath is this away. 24 hours a day. Her colour is the colour of this carpet right here. My wife carried her up to the clinic. That doctor called me up and said "come and get your daughter. There's no cure for her. She's going to die and I don't want her to die in my clinic. I went up there. He said," she's got septic shock."

Does anybody know what that is? It's where infection sets in one of your major organs, and the major organ begins to be a donor of infection and it goes around to other parts of your body, kills you. It's a devil! It's a devil! It's from the devil! It's from the devil! Anything wants to hurt my baby is from the devil. Anything. I don't care what his name is. And you all, I began to cry. Let me tell you my experience. I was a failure as a daddy. Any daddies in here listing to me? I was a failure as a man of God to an individual that needed Jesus. I was a failure as a pastor. My daughter looks to me as her pastor. I was a failure as a pastor to her. So I was a complete and utter failure to my daughter and she was one of my greatest prizes in life and I had failed her. Oh, God, help! Have mercy. So I carried her to a big city. We put her in this hospital, and the doctor comes he tells me her lungs are filled with fluid, and so, listen to me you all.

In the next ten days there was an ensuing war that went on. We had eleven diseases manifested in my daughter's body. It went from septic shock to tuberculosis to leukaemia to brain damage. It went to lupus, it went to lime's disease, it went to about 5 or 6 different kinds of cancer in her body. That thing was changing games and changing names and changing names and changing names. Eleven times those doctors came out to me and they told me, "we're sorry, but we were wrong. What we've got here is leukaemia now." Every time that doctor would come out there. Bless his heart he was a good man. But every time he'd come out there, I would tell him, "Doc, I've got to tell you this. Good as you people are and as much as I like you all, you've got to understand this one thing. It's coming back negative in the name of Jesus."

All the way down through all the halls of all those demons that manifested in my daughter's body, I had the same confession of faith in Jesus. I was physically destroyed. My body by now is wracked out, I can't even, I'm just leaning, I'm a zombie. I'm usually an emotional, happy, real go-get-em guy, but now I'm just leaning on the wall. I'm gone. Mentally I'm gone. Wasn't I brother Steve? You've never seen me like that, in Jesus' name you'll never see me like that again. But there's one thing I didn't let go of and that was the Holy Ghost. Cause I've got some news for you. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Devils may be devils but Jesus is King and Lord. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! And you all, it happened, it really happened, and I've got to tell you about it. It happened. It happened.

I was depleted, my resources were gone. I had nothing but the cross. I had no physical abilities, I had no mental abilities, I had nothing left in me. I had no fight left in me. All I had was the cross of Calvary. It works. I walked in that intensive care and I walked in there and I looked over there, and I'm trying to put this stupid little gown thing on they may make you put on, stupid, stupid stuff, and so, I'm sitting over there and worrying with that thing trying to get it on right because the goofy thing ties at the back. All just tell you, I don't know how you women can tie them aprons back there and stuff. So all of a sudden, I looked over there at my daughter. You all, this really happened. Please, hear me. I'm not making this up. It happened. I'm sitting there, and I look over there at my daughter. Now everything's the same. We're weary. We're bone weary. We're destroyed. Everything about us has been kicked out from under us except the cross. That's all I'm hanging on to is the cross. The precious blood of Jesus. The precious Holy Ghost. That's all that's left. Every other prop has been kicked.

And I look over at my daughter and when our eyes met one of the most phenomenal things I've ever seen in my entire life happened. I had the great opportunity to watch, physically see healing go inside my daughter. It was a form went inside of her. And she looked at me, her eyes got bright and a smile came on her face and she was healed. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Jesus! You see, that's what's wrong with me. You've all been trying to figure out what's the matter ever since I've been here. I've just told you once the matter. The cross is all that matters. It won't let you down. But precious blood of Jesus, it won't let you down. Regardless of what the circumstances are, it won't let you down. I ran over there, I've got her, I started jumping and down, I ran around the corner, told all the nurses. They all came running in there. We were all looking. Oh, oh!

Ran in there and got the doctor, came back. Wow! Wow! Wow! Then we went and got my wife. We got everybody, oh my God, they were all going, "wow!" That evening she was put into a private room. The doctor wanted to study her to see why she was healed now. We stayed there a few days. He came in there. He said there is no medical reason why this girl should be healed. And so, so I told him. The day came, it really did happen, when the doctor said, "We're going to release you all. There's no other reason. I want you to know that it's been a pleasure knowing you all and serving you all. And he looked at my daughter and he said," I've got to tell you the truth. Your daddy is honest. He has great high integrity. He has respect for everybody. " He said, "We've never met people like you all in the entire history of this hospital. "He said that to my daughter. And here's something else he said. You're going to like this.

He said," we had nothing to do with you being healed. "He said," it was your daddy's faith in the Lord Jesus that healed you. Yeah! The bible says here in Job 42, I want to read a couple of verses with you and then we're going to call it a night. I tell you what. Even though the resistance is there, Jesus is here. Do you understand that, church? Jesus is here! Please church, understand that Jesus is here. The bible says right here. Job said to God, "I know that you can do all things and that no thought or purpose of yours can be restrained. I've got some news for you. It doesn't make any difference who the resister is or what his name is, the purposes of God will come to pass. We've got to learn how to submit to God's sovereign hand. We've got to learn how to have faith in his son's name Jesus. We've got to learn how to hang on to the cross. Cause it won't let us down. In the name of Jesus. The bible says right here, verse three. He said to me, "who is this that darkens and obscures council by words without knowledge, therefore I now see. "Look at this. I want you to know this man went through all of this stuff and he got a divine revelation from God about the abilities of God Almighty.

It says right now, see I have rashly uttered what I did not understand, things too wonderful for me which I did not know. I'm adversely said to you what you have said to me. Here I beseech you and I will speak, I will demand and you declared to me. Listen to verse five. He was no different to you and I. I've got to get you to understand that. He was no different than the rest of us. The bible says right here. I had heard of you only by the hearing of the ear. There are very few people sitting in this room that have had actual conversation with the Lord Jesus. Most of us have to have faith by what we hear. The bible says faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. These men of God acted just like we do. We esteem these people like they were something different to us. They were fresh and blood with the same opportunities for failure but they didn't fail they trusted Jesus. They met resistance and defeated it in the name of Jesus. Do you hear me, church? The bible says, just like this. Therefore I loath my words. Verse five, verse six. I hate myself and I repent in dust and ashes. After the Lord had spoken the previous words to Job, then these people came. I can't say their names. I'm not going to try.

My wrath is against you and your two friends. This is the friends of Job. For you have not spoken of me the things that is right as my servant Job has. I want you to know God's opinion of Job never changed all the way through the whole dilemma. Do you all see that? But now all these people, all these people who came and gave him all this advice, I hear it every time I get into a war with the devil, I hear this right here, "now brother, we need to use wisdom, brother." I hate that saying. Don't you ever say that to me again in your lifetime. Wisdom, the bible says is winning souls. The bible says, he that wins souls his wise. I'm a wise man. Leave me alone. Let me follow after God with wild and crazy and do the export the Holy Ghost. Do you hear me, church? The bible says right here. Now I want you to notice something. Job got great deliverance, but it was after he forgave his friends for being nuts. Look at this right here. Verse eight. Now therefore take seven bullocks and seven rams and go to my servant Job and offer for yourselves a burnt offering and my servant Job shall pray for you, for I will accept his prayer.

Now notice, these are people who said they had God with them. These are people who walk in what they called Godly wisdom. And God's opinion of them was, you need Job's prayers. He's the one I'm walking with. Got to learn how to walk with God, saints. Got to learn how to walk with the Lord Jesus. Cause the bible says right here, it says, my servant Job shall pray for you for I will accept his prayer that I deal not with you after your folly in that you have not spoken of me the things which are right like my servant Job. So these two guys, they went, they did according to what the Lord commanded them. And look at the end of that verse. And did as the Lord had commanded them and the Lord accepted Job's prayer. And look at the very next verse. It's very important to you Christians that are so much sectarian and loners and division makers. A you ready? The bible says right here. It says, And the Lord turned the captivity of Job and restored his fortunes. It happened after he prayed for his friends that had given him the wrong advice. It happened after he forgave them and sort in faith for their deliverance. Do you understand that, church? This is very important, this stuff in the walk with God, in our walk as leaders in our walk with the mighty King, We've got to realise that God's after people of integrity, and we don't hold grudges, we let things go. We let God deal with his house, we don't be the judge, there's one judge, his name his God. That's what the bible says. Are you all with me, church?

And the bible says it just like this. Oh this is a blessing. Verse ten. And the Lord returned the captivity of Job and restored his fortunes when he prayed for his friends and also the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before. You talk about a millionaire? Now all of a sudden, he's a double millionaire. I want you to know this right now. The devil's after you. The resistance is there, but God is with you. Meet the resistance with prayer, persistence, faithfulness and integrity. The name of Jesus will abound in you and the victories of God will be yours. If you can do that in faith in God. Now while you are all putting your bibles up, I want to read one verse of Scripture with you. You can all put you all's bibles up if you like.

We'll go back to Zechariah, where we started all this stuff. Zechariah chapter four and verse six says, and he answered and spake unto me saying, this is the word of the Lord unto Zerubabel. It's not by might, nor by power, it's by my spirit, says the Lord of hosts. You don't have enough knowledge nor money nor power to bail yourself out of certain situations. But if you can seek the name of Jesus, if you can call on God's grace and mercy, you can grow to understand just like these kings and these men of God of olden days did. It's not by might, it's not by power but it's by my spirit says the Lord.